Porcelain Veneers: Your Key to a Hollywood Smile

Porcelain veneers offers the ultimate in esthetics. A veneer is a thin facing or covering that bonds to the natural tooth structure. A much more conservative alternative to crowns (caps) that can give you the smile you have always dreamed of and deserve.

Porcelain veneers are top line in cosmetic dentistry. If your teeth are chipped, broken, or discolored, porcelain veneers are a great way to change the color and shape of your teeth. Veneers can be a great alternative to braces for slight orthodontic problems and provide a beautiful smile in a short amount of time. The results are simply gorgeous!


If you want a brighter and more symmetrical smile, Elements Dental can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth with dental Lumineers. A revolutionary advancement in cosmetic dentistry, Lumineers are an ultra-thin type of porcelain veneer designed to provide cosmetic and minor restorative fixes to your teeth.

Are Lumineers Right For You?

The same thickness as a contact lens, Lumineers provide the same durability you’d expect from composite veneers. The thin material is extremely strong and able to reliably improve smiles that have:

  • Permanent staining in some or all of the teeth
  • Minor imperfections like chipping, pitting, or corrosive damage
  • Unsightly fillings which do not match natural teeth
  • Small gaps or spacing between teeth
  • Irregularities in the shape or length of teeth

Snap-On Smile®

Want to completely makeover your smile without breaking the bank? With Snap-On Smile, you can quickly fix stained, gapped, or crooked teeth with just one treatment. This simple prosthetic will be custom-made to fit your teeth and easily slide on and off whenever you need to look your best. It’s the easiest way to achieve a bright, white, and straight smile.

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